PLEASE NOTE: As of the 1st February 2015, Kit orders/Pre Cut eggs, will be made up once order has been placed.
If picking up order from our shop, EDS will advise a day/time for the completion of the order. Please allow sufficient time for processing etc.

Fax Orders:  Please Note: As at 1st September 2018, we no longer have a Fax machine, this facility has been disconnected and no longer used in the operation of the business. 

How To Order

Shopping online with Egg Decorating Supplies is easy!
No Login accounts are needed to view over 3000 products on our web site.

The first screen that appears is our Home Page here you will find a brief introduction to the world of Egg Artistry, with some pictures of our egg creations on the right of the text.

Above top right of the screen are a list of underlined options to choose. Simply select Catalogue which will direct you to the Featured Items Page.

Featured Items Page: Appearing on the screen are 16 of our featured items (products), which can be viewed immediately by clicking the underlined name or picture of the product (in each square). To return click the Go Back button.
Feautred items are updated monthly.

On the left of the screen are the Categories (highlighted in Pink) 
by clicking on a category, sub categories will appear (highlighted in Grey). When selected they change colour to pink.
After a sub catergory is selected a list of products appear. At the bottom of each page there is information on how many products are available to view in this sub category. Depending on the number of products per sub category there may be pages to view. Simply click Next to advance to the next page or Previous to return to the previous page viewed.

More information on an item can be viewed by clicking on the underlined Name or Image of the product. ie: size, colours available etc.
Click Go Back, to return to previous screen.

Browse our online Catalogue,to select a product/s to purchase and add to the online shopping cart, simply click the "BUY" button and then "ADD TO CART" 
Being sure to enter the qauntity required and any options offered for some products ie: colour choices etc. 
Click Continue Shopping to view or add products to purchase, to finalise the order click "CHECKOUT".



Please check shopping cart before proceeding to checkout, items can not be added after online orders have been finalised to payment screen.(An additional order would need to be placed).

Once all items have been added to the shopping cart and CHECKOUT button has been selected a pop up window appears. Please read the information provided and click Proceed to continue.
It is here that items can be removed or quantities amended, click the "Update Cart" button before proceeding. 
The next screen to appear is the billing information screen, fill in the details on the left of the screen (being sure to check the spelling and details are all correct), if the Billing address is the same Tick the box (Same as billing address) on the right of the screen, which will copy information from the left side over. "Continue Checkout"  
On the next screen a list of all products added to the shopping cart to purchase are listed.
Here is where to select the options for shipping your order (to view more information regarding Shipping please view our Shipping & Returns page under Terms & Conditions).
The total amount which appears on the screen is the amount payable to place this order.
Billing & Shipping inforamtion can be modified here, click the Modify Information box if required.

Under the Billing Information and Shipping Information a box appears I have Read & Agree to the Terms & Conditions. We ask that you please take the time to read our Terms & Conditions and if Read & Agree tick the box to proceed. 

Payment Options 
At the bottom of the screen appears four options to choose for payment of the order placed.

Checkout with Paypal: Payment to be made via 'Paypal' follow the prompts on screen to process payment. (Customer/Buyer must hold a Paypal account to choose this option). There are NO additional charges for using Paypal.

Checkout-Pay by Credit Card: Select this option to pay by credit card (no Paypal account) follow the prompts on screen to enter your credit card details. (if this option is chosen we ONLY accept Visa or Mastercard). All transactions are secure using our online payment system.

Checkout-Pay By Bank Transfer/Deposit: AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS ONLY Select this option to pay by Bank Transfer/ Deposit. Follow the on screen prompts before proceeding to the Send Order Now button at the bottom. Taking note of the order number listed on screen. An email with bank account details will be sent to the email address provided on the Billing Information page. To enable us to identify your deposit please quote the order number as reference with your bank deposit or transfer. Upon clearance of the deposit, orders will be processed and dispatched to shipping address provided.    

If you don't wish to make payment online, continue using the online shopping cart as normal, then select the Print for Mail payment option. Check all details listed on screen, then under the Payment as follows, select the preferred payment option.
There are 3 payment options listed 1. Please debit my Credit Card, 2. Cheque or Money Order enclosed, and 3. Please provide Egg Decorating Bank account details for Direct Deposit.

Follow the on screen prompts for the payment option selected.
For Payment options 1 & 2 (above), the Order is printed by the buyer and to be sent (via post) to Egg Decorating Supplies with payment.

If payment option 3. Please provide Egg Decorating Bank account details for Direct Deposit is selected the bank details are automatically emailed to the address provided. Please the Order Number as reference when paying by Direct Deposit.

Australian Customers Only: Payment can be made by money order or cheque (made payable to Egg Decorating Supplies) when posting orders. 

Orders are processed and shipped when payment has been received in Full and cleared.

Payment MUST be received within 7 days, otherwise your order will be deemed cancelled and goods will be placed back into stock.

We DO NOT have an option for placing orders to Pick up. If this option is preferred please email or phone orders through. Please provide Stock/Item Numbers and Quantities, when placing orders this way.

Thank you for shopping at Egg Decorating Supplies, we trust your online shopping experience was a pleasant one!